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Maggie Murray Counselling

Your Mental Health Matters

Hi, I'm Maggie

I am a registered and qualified integrative counsellor supporting people through difficult life transitions with special interests in becoming a parent, infant loss, parenting issues, and working with older people who are finding their way through the changes of retirement and exploring what happens in their next life chapter. As well as supporting clients find their way through grief and loss after the death of a partner. 


Having over 9 years of experience in mental health and well-being, my way of working is from a humanistic approach with a compassion focus. I encourage my clients to explore their free will and look at their ability to make healthy changes to improve their mental health and well-being. I offer a safe, comfortable space and confidential environment for clients to explore their understanding of their true self. We are all evolving as people, changes in our life events will occur whether you want it to or not. You have a choice whether to learn and grow by deepening your self-awareness of who you are and how you are responding to your life events or to feel stuck continuously being affected by your past experiences. I offer compassion

 empathy and attentive listening through my therapeutic relationships with my clients.


Therapy provides great insight into what your life experiences have meant to you as an individual. Through my counselling service, I offer you opportunities to develop ways of gaining a deeper understanding of your past experiences and how they have influenced your ways of being. We focus on what it is you are struggling with right now as you recover from your past experiences and move towards improving your mental health and well-being in the here and now. I look forward to hearing from you.

Getting Help

I can help support you through many different life events. 


Perinatal Mental Health Support for mothers and fathers


Difficulties adapting to becoming a parent or grandparent


Not feeling a good enough parent


Difficulties in your relationships as a parent


Finding your direction – returning to work after staying at home to be a full-time parent


Infant Loss


Career changes – exploring if you’re making the right choice for yourself


Adapting to the changes of your grown-up children leaving home (empty nest syndrome) 


Retirement – what to do now to live your life with fulfillment?


Facing changes after a long-term relationship ends through loss

I came to you not knowing what to expect but not expecting any instant solutions to what was going on in my life but you have provided me with a number of methods and tools to use to help me deal with all that was happening and I will always be very grateful to you for your help.

Retired female