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Through many life transitions you may experience times of heightened anxiety – this page is offering you a space to access up-to-date research and literature that is freely available online that I find through my own passion to raise awareness and deepen peoples understanding of how to manage anxious feelings through day to day challenging life events.

Want to learn more about effective ways to cope in the here and now living with anxiety symptoms?
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If your glass seems to feel half full or half empty then it’s time to refill your glass to take control of your thoughts, feelings and responses to what is going on of you and around you right now!

How do you do this?

Bringing your attention to your internal self, working from a mindful and self-compassionate way of being. Self-care and acceptance is the key to reducing anxious thoughts, feelings and withdrawal behaviours which can cause loneliness, isolation and may lead to depressive feelings.

A holistic approach to taking care of yourself is essential so follow the links to find out ways that might work for you.

I’m here to help if you are looking for emotional support – visit my Counselling page for more information.

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Generalised anxiety disorder

Psychology Today article: Study Shows Father’s Rejection Triggers Anxiety in Teens

  • Retired, female

    I came to you not knowing what to expect but not expecting any instant solutions to what was going on in my life but you have provided me with a number of methods and tools to use to help me deal with all that was happening and I will always be very grateful to you for your help.

  • 18 year old, female

    I was able to open up to Maggie in ways that I have felt difficult with others. This therapeutic relationship with Maggie has had a major impact on my life, Maggie has helped me re-train my brain to discount the negative inputs that were constantly taking over my thoughts and also helped me to understand my thoughts and feelings. All of these things put together allowed me to overcome my anxiety by using it to my advantage rather than feeling trapped by it, this is something I couldn’t have done without Maggie. Maggie would always keep things at my own pace however, would push when she thought it was necessary, this is something that was very useful to allow me to grow to my potential.

  • Female Client

    Maggie is extremely empathetic and a great listener. This therapeutic relationship has impacted on my personal life very positively. I have learnt the importance of letting go, acceptance and self-care. I found the timeline extremely helpful and have released lots of memories which were buried deep.

  • Female Client

    Maggie really listened to me. She totally took on board what I needed and tailored our sessions brilliantly. I am in a much, much better place in life than I was two years ago. I would highly recommend Maggie based on my own experience of working with her.