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Dealing with difficult life transitions?

One thing that is for sure is we all go through numerous transitions in our lives. We may leave Secondary education to go to College, University or start working. We change jobs, may get married, have children and experience bereavements.

Through these changes we experience weeks or months at heightened emotions as we adapt from what we knew to what we feel is unfamiliar to us. Some life transitions are by choice, by following new opportunities and others come from natural endings.

However some life experiences are unwillingly imposed on us such as a job ending, a partner leaving or a conflict separating a family, or an ending of a friendship. Whatever your circumstances are, facing these life transitions can feel overwhelming and you may be required to respond in new ways. I’m here to help.

Difficult emotional responses to these changes

When you experience a life transition and find yourself moving forward in a new direction you leave something behind and this can create a psychological state of grief. The impact this may have on your emotional well-being might feel difficult to manage as you feel overwhelmed with the changes occurring.

If the change was unexpected and unwanted, like when an experience is unwillingly imposed on you, the impact will have a greater effect and with such turmoil can come anxious and even depressive feelings. You may feel out of your comfort zone, experience unwanted thoughts, images and feel worried about your unknown future.

What you have experienced is a lesson in life to learn from. Mistakes happen, a choice you made can sometimes be the wrong one to take at that time and you may be left with feelings of regret, shame, embarrassment or guilt for many years. How do you begin to recover from your past experiences?

The first step is to learn from a deeper perspective about the emotions you have been holding on to through your past life experiences which you can now begin to process and work towards changing. Exploring what is really going on for you now will help you to take control of your own healing process which starts with a conscious focus of compassion and self-care, making healthier positive changes for yourself to recover from your past life events in the way that will feel right for you.

You have, after all, made transitions before – changing schools, neighbourhoods, relationships, jobs etc. You can do this again, and this time with more self-care and compassion towards yourself and for others.

  • 16+ years in full time education – £30.00
  • Adults over 18 – £40.00
  • Funded sessions support – if you meet within a specific criteria you may be able to access financial support towards your sessions. We can discuss this on request. Please contact me to find out more.
Does this sound familiar?

I’m here to help. Get in touch to arrange an initial consultation. 

Client feedback

  • Retired, female

    I came to you not knowing what to expect but not expecting any instant solutions to what was going on in my life but you have provided me with a number of methods and tools to use to help me deal with all that was happening and I will always be very grateful to you for your help.

  • 18 year old, female

    I was able to open up to Maggie in ways that I have felt difficult with others. This therapeutic relationship with Maggie has had a major impact on my life, Maggie has helped me re-train my brain to discount the negative inputs that were constantly taking over my thoughts and also helped me to understand my thoughts and feelings. All of these things put together allowed me to overcome my anxiety by using it to my advantage rather than feeling trapped by it, this is something I couldn’t have done without Maggie. Maggie would always keep things at my own pace however, would push when she thought it was necessary, this is something that was very useful to allow me to grow to my potential.

  • Female Client

    Maggie is extremely empathetic and a great listener. This therapeutic relationship has impacted on my personal life very positively. I have learnt the importance of letting go, acceptance and self-care. I found the timeline extremely helpful and have released lots of memories which were buried deep.

  • Female Client

    Maggie really listened to me. She totally took on board what I needed and tailored our sessions brilliantly. I am in a much, much better place in life than I was two years ago. I would highly recommend Maggie based on my own experience of working with her. 

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