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First Anxiety Support Group

When: Thursday 4th July

Where: 76a The Detached Conversion, Ample House, South Park LN5 8ES

Time: 7.30 pm onwards

The group is open to a small number of people on a first come basis.

Please get in touch if you would like to be involved in getting to know other people who experience living with anxiety. This will be a shared space to support one another through the difficulties of living with anxious thoughts that impact on your quality of living. Connected with others who will accept you as you are but will also encourage you to find ways to live your life with a more curious mind and compassionate heart towards yourself and others.

We will strive to help you to build your self confidence and learn to believe in the choices you make as you find your courage and strength to battle through your anxious mind. We will share stories of challenges we face, encourage empowerment, connect as a small group of people striving to build each other up to feel the best version of ourselves.

Join us for a journey of self discoveries and achievement to living more contently. We do not expect the anxiety feelings to disappear but learn ways to manage these feelings, accept they are part of us and will not stop us from being who we strive to be.