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My news page is a little space for you, and me to enjoy our reflective thoughts together.

Updated: May 8, 2019

How true is this statement from John Dewey.

How many times have you told yourself 'I will learn from my mistakes' but repeat similar behaviours over and over finding yourself in tricky situations again?

You can learn from your experiences when you sit back and look at the bigger picture of what is really occurring. Questions to reflect on...

. What decisions did I make that really didn't feel right to me?

. Who was I influenced by in my decision making?

. What would I do differently next time so I don't experience feeling so uncomfortable again?

. Who can I turn to for support, reassurance, and explore my thoughts with?

. What do I actually believe in and value about the situation?

Sometimes spending more time processing your thoughts, pausing to sit with those thoughts for a short while and being more mindful of the bigger picture before responding from your automatic responses can be a heathier choice to make in that moment.