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Anxiety Support Group 


Are you finding it difficult to cope with a life transition?


People go through numerous transitions during their life time. Many people may leave Secondary Education to go to College, University or start working. Some people might change jobs, may get married, even have children but through these life events may experience distress, traumas, loss and bereavements. 


Through your life changing events you may experience weeks or months at heightened emotions as you adapt from what you were used to experiencing to what you feel is unfamiliar to you now. Some life transitions are by choice, by following new opportunities and others come from natural endings.


However some life experiences might be unwillingly imposed on you such as a job ending, a partner leaving, a conflict separating your family, or a friendship ending. Whatever the circumstances are, facing these life transitions can feel overwhelming and you may be required to respond in new ways. I’m here to help.


What might be difficult emotional responses to these changes?


When you experience a life transition and find yourself moving forward in a new direction you leave something behind and this can create a psychological state of grief or distress. The impact this may have on your emotional well-being might feel difficult to manage as you feel overwhelmed with these changes occurring.


If the change was unexpected and unwanted, like when an experience is unwillingly imposed on you, the impact will have a greater effect and with such distress can come anxious and even depressive feelings. You may feel out of sort, experience unwanted thoughts, images and feel worried about your unknown future. You may experience changes in your behaviour, you may react negatively to people and situations making unhelpful choices, become withdrawn or even guarded.  


Mistakes might be made because decisions can be difficult to make at this distressing time. Choices you made can sometimes feel like the wrong one and you may be left with feelings of regret, shame, embarrassment or guilt for many weeks, months or even years.


What you have experienced is a life event, something which you 'can' recover from with time, a focus of self-care and acceptance that changes have happened and things may be different. How do you begin to recover from your past experiences?


Counselling Process and the therapeutic relationship


Step 1 Courage 


The first step can feel very daunting to contact a counsellor and explain in an email or engage in a conversation with a counsellor about how you are feeling.

I hope I can reassure you by saying I am mindful of going at the pace that will feel safe for you and I start by offering a consultation session where we meet to share information about the counselling process and you have the opportunity to share your experiences, thoughts and feelings.

Let's meet and get the conversation started


Step 2 Change 


Get ready to explore, discover and make changes.


I work from a humanistic approach, focused on compassion and mindfulness. I am mindful of offering my clients the opportunity to lead the direction of their sessions within a confidential and safe space. Together we might focus on exploring ways to;  


  • Support you to gain insight from a deeper perspective about the emotions you have been experiencing and maybe still holding on to.

  • Explore through your past life experiences which you can now begin to process and work towards letting go of some old feelings and thoughts that are not helpful to you.

  • Focus on what is really going on for you now to explore how you can gain a sense of calmness and contentment.

  • Accept you have your own choices on how to continue with your healing process which starts with a conscious focus of compassion and self-care, making healthier choices.


Step 3 Continue 


The counselling process can be short term or longer term depending on each individuals requirements and ability to work within and between the sessions to make healthy changes within yourself, your relationships and life events. 

You have, after all made transitions before – changing schools, neighbourhoods, relationships, jobs etc. You can do this again, and this time with more self-care and compassion towards yourself and for others in safe ways. 


Courage Change Continue



  • Adults over 18 – £40.00

  • Funded sessions support – if you meet within a specific criteria you may be able to access financial support towards your sessions. We can discuss this on request.


I'm here to support you 


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Anxiety Support Group

You had very little capacity or control through your early childhood experiences to make choices or sense of events occurring around you. However now as an adult you can take time to develop a deeper understanding of your early life experiences and gain a healthier perspective of how your 'life script' formed. i.e. who influenced you, experiences that may have hindered your growth and development and how you have learnt how to think, feel and behave within your family structure. 

Being open to gaining awareness, understanding, knowledge, and accepting its okay to be different as an adult in your own right brings great personal growth. However, you can still be affected by these early years experiences as you develop into your new roles such as a partner, employee, boss, parent or grandparent.  

Compassion and Connect 

Having time to talk and connect with other people who feel anxious too can really help so you don't feel isolated or overwhelmed. I am offering a safe space where compassion, empathy and exploration can take place within a small fortnightly anxiety group gathering to reach out to people who will value the opportunity to connect and share experiences, gain confidence, feel accepted for not feeling okay and embrace each other with warmth and understanding.

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