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Ann Parkinson - Neurological & Pain Specialist Chartered Physiotherapist and Health & Wellbeing Coach.

Ann runs Unity Physiotherapy & Wellbeing. She is a compassionate therapist who understands the importance of hearing your story.  Compassion, communication, creativity, change, & empowering others are at the heart of how Ann works.  Everyone is treated as an individual with whole person compassionate care.  Ann believes in working in partnership with you to empower you to move with more ease, do what’s most important to you, achieve your health & wellbeing goals, fulfil your potential and live well.  


Ann combines physiotherapy with coaching,  yoga, pilates, meditation, compassionate mind training, other therapies & exercise types to help you achieve your health & wellbeing goals and live well.  She looks at all the different aspects that make us human and with you works out what is helpful to focus on.  


There are many factors that contribute to our wellbeing including: exercise and physical activity, relaxation, sleep, stress management, self-compassion, meditation/mindfulness, our self-talk, beliefs, values, doing what’s meaningful, and nutrition.  We compassionately explore these with the exception of nutrition as Ann is not qualified to do this.


Ann is committed to ongoing learning and evidenced based practice, and is grateful to be able to learn from her patients every day.  She is committed to providing a high standard of physiotherapy for people with neurological conditions, balance problems & persistent pain. 

Your can find out more information about Ann here 

Sandra is the founder and principal facilitator of Mindfulness Skills4Life – a well-being
organisation that offers mindfulness & meditation and compassion training and coaching.
Her intention is to work alongside you to help you life your day to day life with less stress or
strain and enhanced well-being through the practice compassion-based mindfulness. Sandra
been practicing mindfulness since 2011 and been teaching since 2015. She works
compassionately, intuitively, sensitively and creatively with organisations, public groups,
charities and with individuals on a 1-to-1 basis. Sandra also teaches mindfulness to children
both within and out with the school environments, using programmes specially designed for
young people, to help them feel calmer, more content and to enable them to cope better
with the challenges they experience.
Why should we learn to be mindful and compassionate ? “Our minds are busy and fast
places (full of thoughts and thinking) and sometimes feel like they have a mind of their own!
The mind and body can be a source of immense joy but through unintentional effort can
cause us much pain and anguish too. This is not our fault and is thankfully is something that
we can change though the combined understanding of modern brain science and training
our minds using mindfulness meditation and compassion training”.
When practised regularly, compassion-based mindfulness and compassionate mind training,
are effective tools which can help reduce anxiety, improve focus, attention and memory,
and encourage feelings of well-being, self-compassion, kindness and happiness. Clients and
collaborators have described Sandra’s facilitation style as non-judgemental, warm, kind,
compassionate, human, natural, empathic and authentic. These attributes are borne from
her personal practice, extensive and ongoing training and simply by being human in a
modern world.
Prior to teaching mindfulness full-time Sandra was a Lead Researcher within the
Neurobiology Department of the Roslin Institute (University of Edinburgh) where she and
her team investigated a class of neurodegenerative disease affecting animals and humans.
With some 18 years research experience, she was an internationally recognised scientist in
her field, consulted with policy advisors for the Department of Health UK was an invited
expert consultant for the World Health Organisation (WHO). In 2019, Sandra returned to her
research roots once again and has taken up a visiting research fellow post (non-
remunerated) at The University of Lincoln. She forms part of a supervisory team,
researching the efficacy of a specific mindfulness-based intervention she teaches. The study
will involve assessing the efficacy of the intervention on perceived emotional, mental and
physical health and well-being of participants, as well as exploring physiological, biochemical
and cognitive markers of stress.
Sandra’s mindfulness teacher-training pathway is accredited by the Mindfulness Association
Ltd, UK and the Mindfulness in Schools Project. She adheres to the guidelines for teaching

mindfulness described by the UK Network of Registered Mindfulness Teachers, and is
required to undertake CPD, teaching assessments and regular supervision.

See more from Sandra online:

Dr Sandra McCutcheon – Mindfulness and meditation teacher, compassion trainer and scientist